I need to confess that my confidence has been shaken over the last few months. Confidence in man’s ability to overcome his too often malevolent nature. Confidence in right overcoming wrong. Confidence in my faith to remain strong. It is just as well that God provides strength and sufficiency.

A large degree of that strength has come from connecting with heroes in Ukraine and Moldova who have worked tirelessly to support those remaining in their homes, those dispersed internally and refugees in Moldova. We have developed new contacts with a number of volunteer groups and it has been a blessing to be able to support them and those they serve.

Sufficiency has also been seen in the number of fundraising activities that have taken placed recently on behalf of our mission - walking the London marathon route, 24 miles run in 24 hours, 100 miles walked or run in May,
cycling down the 466 mile long N2 trunk road in Portugal, a books and brunch event in Illinois, USA and many more. A massive thank you to everyone who has done so much and raised so much. You have also helped in keeping my confidence stronger.

The weeks and months ahead will be difficult for many but with the sufficiency provided by God, I pray that we will overcome these difficulties and be able to help many more who will struggle much more.

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