Business Partnerships

Business Partneships


We are keen to truly partner with organisations. It is about giving back in acknowledgement of how your business can connect with us as a charity. How can ChildAid help you?

  1. Connect you with our progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Offer your teams opportunity to connect with a good cause and build on your great team spirit
  3. Create great PR through your charitable activities
Our Director, Martin Wilcox, has many years’ experience of working at senior management positions in the commercial sector. He can also help you find ways to support the charity that fit with your needs

Whether as your Charity of the Year, part of our Small Actions:Big Impact scheme or just one off activities or support, we will work with you to identify a project in which your company might like to invest and outline the transformative impact this will have. You will receive progress reports which show the difference your investment is making.

Please contact Martin on 020 8460 6046 or email him at

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Sustainable Development Goals

ChildAid’s mission includes support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Small Actions: Big Impact

Helping you embed social responsibility into the core of what you do.


Connecting with clubs and districts, providing support and speakers