Busy Elves at ChildAid

We’ve been busy this pre-Christmas period fundraising for children and families who really need our help.

ChildAid wants to make an impact to the lives of children in Eastern Europe, we want to help as many children as possible.

Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Siberia are countries very often forgotten. Poverty, abandonment, alcohol, conflict, no resources of public funds, these are some of the issues we encounter daily through our work. Any help small or big is crucial for the children and families we support.

November and December are the busiest months for us at the office, when we participate in various events and fundraisers.

Christmas card Sale

Working alongside other local charities, for most of Advent we man a stall at the Bromley Methodist Church and Mission Cafe. We couldn’t do this however without our amazing volunteers who support our work and help us so much.

Glades Shopping Centre

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to sell our Christmas decorations in The Glades Bromley. We’ve met with people in the local area and raise awareness about our work and the problems we are trying to solve in the countries we’re working. Most importantly we raised vital funds to support more vulnerable families and children.

 All the decorations sold are sourced from our partner Sisters of St.Elizabeth , Minsk ,who in turn support local family artisans – so every purchase is a 3-ways support!

Hayes Free Church Christmas  Fair

We loved  participating at Hayes Free Church Christmas Fair .We’ve sold our Christmas cards and our handmade Christmas decorations.

Pampering Fundraiser

Local therapists have donated their time to raise money for ChildAid by giving massage to the public at Glades,Bromley. What a successful event, we are forever thankful for your generosity.


Big Give Christmas Challenge

By participating in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, donations were doubled as we work to support Tony Hawks Centre in Moldova. We were really touched by everyone’s kindness, in just 2 days we hit our target, allowing us to meet the funding requirement of teh centre for over 3 months.

More was raised after the event, bringing the total to £10,000!


Of course we have been taking orders and sending out plenty of our Christmas cards.

2,200 packs sold – that’s 22,200 ChildAid cards landing on doormats this festive season

Christmas Carols

Wonderful Christmas Carols from Bromley High School Students in The Glades, the girls helped us raise money that will support children in crisis. 

We are thankful for all our supporters, volunteers and staff for their valuable help in supporting more children and families in crisis.

We’ll continue to work hard to help as many children as possible. Your support matters. Together we will achieve more.


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