Our ambassadors can be involved in our work in any number of ways, from helping us spread the word about our work through social media platforms, to linking their business with us, through to organizing fundraising events. 



Corporate partnerships are vital in helping ChildAid be there for vulnerable, abandoned and disabled children and young people in Eastern Europe.

Someone who is able to use their experience and contacts with local, national or international companies can help to promote ChildAid’s fundraising partnerships.              

Supporters Ambassadors

They speak about our work online and offline, sharing and re-posting our social media content or organising small fundraising events (cake sale, bbq etc) - all help us raise awareness about our work.

Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors can help us raise awareness about our work and how we are helping change children’s lives in Eastern Europe. They speak with peers and friends about our work and help us grow our online presence.

Fundraise, Spread the word, Connect, Help us Online, Cook, Volunteer whatever you do you are helping children have a better future.


To find out more please call us on 020 8460 6046 or email [email protected]