ChildAid does not have staff working overseas, we work exclusively through local partners. 

Today ChildAid has:

Two partners in Belarus – where we support the work of the Orthodox Sisters of Saint Elisabeth and their work with disabled children, and where we fully fund the work of the Isle of Hope Care centre in the capital Minsk.

In Moldova we support the work of a local children’s charity “ORA Moldova”, and have recently adopted their former children’s project at “Esther House” in rural Vălcinet, a “second home” to children aged 5~15 years old who are deemed at risk; in the capital Chișinău we have the Tony Hawks Centre which was established in order to supports parents of disabled children (0~15 years), in so doing help prevent children from being abandoned to state institutions; to the east, within the disputed territory of Transnistria we support the Family Love program, helping prevent abandonment of children in the poorest or poor families.

In Ukraine we have three distinct but very different partners.  To the north, based in the city of Makariv we have our newest programme, the LightHouse, an initiative developed along the lines of the Tony Hawks Centre in Moldova to support disabled children; to the west, in the city of Mukacheve  we built and fund a foster home, work with Roma children, and support vocational education within a nearby boarding school; while in Kamianske on the Dneiper river we have our Children’s Hearts programme, a wide and varied programme not only helping disabled and vulnerable children, but abandoned babies programme, teenage orphans, and working with refugee children who families thought they had escaped the separatists fighting.

The military invasion by Russia into sovereign Ukraine has changed everything for our partners in Moldova and Ukraine; and our partners are now seeking to help as best they can:

In Moldova our friends at ORA are using their central warehouse to sort and distribute essential aid to refugees and helping find housing; the Esther House after school club has been temporarily closed so that the building and land can be used to host and help refugees; while Tony Hawks staff and volunteers are helping provide refugees with essentials such as diapers (nappies), slippers, warm clothing, clean underwear, personal and other hygiene related products. 

In Ukraine our Makariv centre located as it is in the basement of a church has been re-designated an air-raid shelter. Fortunately, our building works had been completed last year so the toilets work, there is a food preparation area, along with various therapeutic toys and floor mats that children can use.  In Mukacheve our foster home is acting as a way station for those fleeing the fighting, while in Kamianske things have turned very black.  Our partners have had to close the centre for the duration of this fight, but they will continue to do their best for the families they already support - they have begun to reach out to various churches across the region to help fund some of the “essentials” needed by those fleeing westward.  


ChildAid are grateful for all the financial giving received, the need is however great and growing.  We sadly can’t use ‘things’ at this time; it simply takes too long to drive loads to Moldova, and the fuel needed for such journeys is getting prohibitively expensive.  But we can use financial aid right now to buy essentials on the ground, in so doing help refugees while also keeping local economies working. 

When of course this fighting stops, the need will be even greater as we all start to recognise the destruction, begin to care for the dispossessed, and look to rebuild.  And as ever, children will need special care and attention – they are after all the future.