Children’s Hearts has given direct action to the vulnerable since 2008

Orphans: initially set up to promote fostering to families from local churches and then supporting them through the early periods of having orphans in their homes. Such a success that the local authorities now have in place a more effective model based on our programme. We continue to support families with orphans.

Older orphans: an offer of educational support and life-skills coaching from the basics of money and cooking through to relationships, seeking employment and housing. A respite accommodation provides facilities for a small number to live whilst at Technical School or College until they can secure their own place.

Disabled children: although the city has a 250,000 population there are little or no services for children living with disabilities. We provide care and support at the Children’s Hearts centre twice a week.

Vulnerable families: offered emergency aid of food, clothing and medicines, relationship and crisis management, support and advice to clear debts and manage the family home. Children are given a place of fun and fellowship to come to as well as summer camps. Local authorities refer an increasing number of families to us.

Abandoned: whilst working to prevent abandonment some babies and children still are. We employ a nurse at the local hospital and two staff at the Baby Home to have direct responsibility for providing a loving, caring level of nursing care and attention.

Three sessions per week for children from vulnerable families are run – at least 80-100 children per week. These are held at our “House of Light” premises in the city centre. Here children receive friendship, educational support, healthy living advice, a quality meal, and just a little piece of childhood through play and learning.

Children receive, many for the first time ever, the Good News of the Gospel, and as well as Bible studies are prayed for individually and corporately.

In addition, weekly group sessions are held with mothers in vulnerable families for group counselling and advice as well as friendship. Clothing is always distributed at all of these sessions.

In addition, Children’s Hearts make regular visits to a large number of families in their homes, including undertaking repairs, ensuring the children are well cared for and offering whatever support the families need to tie them over until they are able to live independently. This project provides for a self-sustaining existence for these families.

The annual budget for Children’s Hearts is £20,000 plus £10,000 in one off and emergency aid.