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Christmas Celebrations 2022

Christmas Celebrations in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. 

Christmas is the celebration of hope. The birth of Jesus brought hope into the hearts of the people, hope for a better future , hope for something good. 

In Ukraine there is hope that the war will end, hope that all the trauma caused by this conflict will go away and that the basic needs like food and medicine will be covered.  

Our partners support families who need the basics, like food and medicine, but especially during Christmas they want to make sure children remain children and keep hope alive. 

 Moldova Esther House. 

Celebrations, crafts and family support during the Christmas season. The children have something to look forward to when a small gift is considered a luxury. 

Children Hearts 

Our partner at the Refugee Camp is making sure children are well mentally as they are affected by war. 

At the Centre, they distributed Christmas sweets for the children attending the Centre and winter clothes and shoes. The children were so happy as this is a rare treat for them. 

The Little Lighthouse 

Our partners are back, and the Centre is now open even if it is challenging at a time of war, therapies have resumed, and they are also preparing a Christmas celebration for its beneficiaries. 

Tony Hawks Centre  

Our partner distributed special food parcels for vulnerable families and gifts for the children.

We are expecting more videos and photos from our partners about what they are up to during Christmas. In Ukraine, Christmas is celebrated on the  7th of January. 

We hope you have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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