There are many ways for your company to get involved with our work.                                    

Direct Project Support

Our Charity Manager, Martin Wilcox, has many years’ experience of working at senior management positions in the commercial sector. He is also a member of a local business networking group, BNI Churchill >>

He will work with you to identify a project in which your company might like to invest and outline the transformative impact this will have. You will receive progress reports which show the difference your investment is making.

If you think that ChildAid could benefit from your professional skills, goods or services please get in touch with Martin to discuss your ideas.

Please contact Martin on 020 8460 6046 or email him at [email protected]

Commercial Sponsorships

Martin can also help you find ways to bring your product and/or services to a wider market while supporting vulnerable children and families. These might include

  • Making ChildAid your Charity of the Year
  • Encouraging your colleagues to give to ChildAid through the PayRoll Giving Scheme.
  • Sponsoring our literature or website
  • Supporting one of our occasional events, or providing venues for them
  • Allowing our supporters to buy from you at discounted rates
  • Providing Gifts in Kind – we always have a list of quality items we need to enhance the experience of children cared for by our partners, such as minibuses, computers, furniture and kitchen equipment, building and decoration supplies.