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Empowering women in Eastern Europe

At ChildAid we support vulnerable children and families in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Siberia.

In many cases we meet women who experience poverty, abuse and abandonment due to alcoholism, women who rely on their ex-husband to receive benefits to raise the children or raise the children on their own.

Alcoholism, poverty and disability are some reasons mothers are forced to raise their children on their own. The stigma of disability is very high and in many cases fathers abandon their family. There are cases of mothers who cannot receive benefits because their estranged husband has to approve the papers or doesn’t want to give a divorce. Cases of mothers hiding from their ex-husband because of abuse & violence. Women who cannot work because they have no help. This can lead to the sadness of child abandonment.

We have created programmes that give free to access childcare, legal advice and counselling, food, medicine and clothes, rehabilitation service for disabled children and education and support to mothers of children with a disability.

Like in the case of Anastasia’s mother. Anastasia was born with a learning disability.

Anastasia has a difficult diagnosis and it was almost impossible to find a comfortable place for her with qualified staff who have knowledge how to motivate her during the day. Typically, when diagnosed with such an illness, you have to take pills throughout your life and stay isolated from society.

She is now attending the Isle of Hope, Belarus

Isle of Hope is a small-scale cost-efficient project that provides free-to-use day care for over 60 young people living with learning and other disabilities in Minsk, Belarus

In Moldova and Ukraine, we encounter women who experience abuse and need help to stand on their own feet and provide for their family.

Like in the case of Olya where she left her abusive husband and had to raise her children on her own.

‘’I have the opportunity to work, and Anastasia stays with her friends and people who care for her every day, communicates with them, participates in all events, receives gifts which make her very happy.’’

Anastasia’s mother.

We empower women to fight for their rights and a better future, escape violence and stand as a role model for their children.

Vulnerable woman can now live a normal life, work and be a great example for their children.

We are giving the tools to women to build a better future.

Any donation big or small makes a difference in the lives of these women.

Thank you.


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