Olya had twins but one died aged 8 months and the other 3  years of age. Both of diseases.

Three other children were born and the oldest, Kostya suffers from epilepsy. Her husband started drinking and mistreated the family members. Olya divorced him and now brings up the children on her own. When he left the family he took all the furniture, kitchenware...even the flowers!

Olya lives on family benefits of £70 per month. Kostya’s seizures range from once a month to 4-5 times a day and so he requires constant care. Fortunately, they do not have to pay for the medicines he requires.

The family owns the house they live in, but it is a bad state of repair.

Family Love (formerly Help the Children) have provided food, cold medicines and worm infection medicines.  They have also provided 5 chickens and seeds to help the family with having their own fresh foodstuffs.

Despite her adversity, Olya praises God every day and her faith grows and grows.

Your support can help Olya and so many more families who need simple but essential support. Donations towards Family Love can be made here >>