Finding Acceptance

Her mother was from a Roma camp . When she was born her mother had nowhere to take her so she left her in the hospital.  

She grew up in almost all institutions of the child custody system. 

‘When Romani children finally get out of institutions they carry the stigma of being ‘institution kids’ in a society which already stigmatizes them for their ethnicity.’’ source: ERRC 

She was never asked what she wanted to study. She was only sent to the next available place to study, thankfully it was with our partners New Beginnings, Ukraine. 

Just 6 months with our partners and they discovered that Maria had a number of chronic diseases and most importantly hepatitis B in severe form with the initial stage of cirrhosis. With private treatment and support we managed to help her.  Maria though had a severe form of Hepatitis B and despite her status(orphan) no public institution or doctor accepted to treat the girl for free, the treatment was very expensive. Thankfully, a kind hepatologist accepted to treat the girl for free, we only paid for the medicines and after a few years of treatment her liver was restored. 

To make sure Maria had a special diet and all the support she needed our partner took her in their home. Maria got a job and started dating a kind man for 7 years.

People on both sides were against their relationship, a man from the Baptist Church and a Roma woman. Their love was tested by time, and they proved how sincere their love is, and recently they got married. Her husband went to work in Poland and wants to take Maria there soon. She now lives with his parents, and they love and accept her. 

Maria was blessed to meet our partners along her journey, she received the support she needed to become healthy and the guidance a young person needs, she keeps contact with our partners who they consider her as their daughter. 

Thanks to the kind donations of our supporters we are able to help children and young people like Maria, children who are sometimes lost in the system. The New Beginnings Programme is a life changing programme. 

The UN Human Rights Mission in Ukraine reported cases of hate speech, violence and aggressive rhetoric against Roma. 

Along with our partners we are working to change perceptions and support Roma children, because after all we are all children of God. 

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