Wilfred Wong

I have completed a marathon busting 120 Mile walk (193.121 Kilometres) in and around the New Forest in southern England. I completed this 2 hours and 5 minutes ahead of my 120 hours target. 


The funds raised by this walk will be divided equally between ChildAid and CBR UK, 2 excellent UK Non-Profit organisations. Both these organisations need much more funds in order to be able to help and protect many more vulnerable children.

ChildAid seeks to defend the weak and the fatherless. Saving vulnerable children in Eastern Europe from abuse, abandonment and sexual exploitation. Sadly, Ukraine is still ravaged by corruption and poverty and ChildAid is not always able to be there for the children most in need. Daria is one very sad example of this.

Daria’s mum (Natalia) was an orphan and had mild learning difficulties. Soon after leaving State care she attended a party with large amounts of alcohol and became pregnant. The father disappeared and her immediate response was to seek an abortion. Thankfully she had no money for that and Daria was born.

Natalia met and married a man who was an alcoholic and he pulled her to the same bad habits. Eventually Daria was sexually abused by her stepfather. When Daria was 4 she and her mother were kicked out of their home when the stepfather died.

Daria attended a school for families in difficult circumstances and there older pupils raped her. There were many cases of sex attacks at the school. The school’s teachers did nothing about the sexual violence. Natalia contracted liver cirrhosis and died. Daria was sent to a boarding school for “mentally retarded” children. There she has been lost in the system to cover up the scandal. While others have ignored Daria’s plight or made it worse, ChildAid continues to search for her.

CBR UK (Centre for Bio-ethical Reform UK) is a UK Pro-Life organisation that exposes abortion for what it is by publicly displaying pictures of aborted babies. This shows people what abortion actually does to unborn babies and thereby cuts through all the pro-abortion propaganda that dominates our society and attempts to dress abortion up as being a “harmless” procedure. The images also reveal the humanity of the unborn babies.

By exposing the grisly truth about abortion CBR UK seeks to make it unthinkable. With on average over 500 unborn babies killed by abortion in the UK every day and 9 million babies aborted so far since liberal access to abortion was legalised with the 1967 Abortion Act, more than ever the work of CBR UK is urgently needed to protect vulnerable unborn children from death by abortion.
CBR UK’s public exposure of the truth regarding abortion has already saved the lives of many unborn babies. Women contemplating an abortion often change their minds after seeing an image of what abortion actually does to unborn babies. Here is just one of many examples of CBR UK’s lifesaving work.

On one occasion outside an abortion clinic a young woman and her boyfriend were on their way there to have an abortion when they passed CBR UK’s public education display and stopped to talk. As a result, the couple quickly changed their minds and decided to continue with the pregnancy. In addition, the young woman whilst still standing in front of the CBR UK workers started calling her friends telling them that they should never have an abortion. She also convinced her sister who was also pregnant to continue with her pregnancy.

If you prefer not to donate online you can make a cheque out to: ChildAid and post it to: ChildAid, P.O Box 200, Bromley BR1 1QF, with a note stating that your gift is for Wilfred Wong’s 120 Mile fundraising walk.

Wilfred Wong