Back in 2019 ChildAid's director and Elena, a volunteer at the Tony Hawks Centre in Chisinau, Moldova, ran 10k in order to raise funds for the support of children living with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova. The Tony Hawks Centre is country's foremost paediatric rehabilitation centre supporting over 600 children each year with free rehabilitation and social services.

The Covid pandemic has placed incredible strain on all of us, vulnerable families even more so. One small consequence is that the ChildAid director cannot join the Chisinau event this year. However, Elena and her good friend Alex are more than making up for it and will each be running an incredible 21k distance on 17th October, both for the very first time in their lives.

Every sponsorship donation will not only encourage Elena and Alex but will provide much needed support for the incredible team at the Tony Hawks Centre and the even more amazing children.

We are all in this together, let's help each other and celebrate the abilities in disability.

Thank you so much.

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