I'm doing the 100 Miles Challenge to support less fortunate children living with disabilities in Moldova.

The Tony Hawks Centre, Moldova provides free-to-access rehabilitation therapies for children who cannot afford it. In addition, this is one of Europe's poorest countries, the Centre also supports families with food and medicine.

Last year with the help and support of other supporters we managed to raise enough money to set up and open a small centre to help severely disabled children in the Ukraine

Sadly, the centre which was being used to shelter children at night in the present crisis was bombed but fortunately the children had been moved to Moldova for their safety

With so many families being displaced in Ukraine and heading to other countries including Moldova there is a greater need and urgency to support ChildAid to Eastern Europe

Your donation will directly impact the lives of those in need

Here is my sponsorship page and I would greatly appreciate your help and support

Thank you for sponsoring me, encouraging me and helping so many children in need.

Joe Concheiro