ChildAid is a small charity that punches beyond it's weight. It does amazing work bringing hope and opportunity to over 2,500 children and young people.

I want to help publicise the need to overcome poverty, discrimination, abuse and abandonment. Each of ChildAid's projects aims to do this.

I'm a performance coach and nutritionist, and I am passionate about helping people feel good about themselves and inside of themselves. Whilst I can't go and help directly all the children and young people that ChildAid support, by committing myself to my four year challenge to compete in the Vega Ironman, the pinnacle of endurance events, I can contribute to the health and well-being of many children thanks to your support and sponsorship.

To date my sponsored events have been:
- April 2020. My first ever marathon : a solo run around the London Marathon route ensuring social distancing. £770 raised
- May 2021. Venice Ironman. 1.2 miles Adriatic Sea swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run 

As I prepare for the latest event your encouragement will be a massive boost with my motivation to do as much as I can, with your help, for the children and families supported by ChildAid.

Thank you for your support.

Matt Hodges