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Giving Children a Chance to Dream

Sometimes, dreams seem impossible when all hope is lost. Through our work, we encounter stories of despair and sadness – tales of abuse, children grappling with the trauma of war, or fighting for survival. We visit families with nothing to eat, where sometimes parents sacrifice their own meals just to feed their children. Cases where children miss school because they lack clothes to wear.

Making dreams possible

  • Family Support: Helping families struggling with basic needs.
  • Emotional Support for Mothers: Offering emotional support to mothers navigating challenging circumstances.
  • Investing in Play: Recognizing the importance of play in a child’s development and well-being.
  • Social Services: Implementing programs to address the social needs of children and families.
  • Life Skills Support: Equipping individuals with essential life skills for a better future.
  • Investing in Education: Supporting educational initiatives to empower children.

Keeping Hope Alive:

Pray for Santa to Come:

They prayed for Santa to visit Ukraine at Christmas, unimpeded by shelling and bombs, hoping for themselves and their siblings.

Though we can’t halt the ongoing war, we managed to send gifts of hope to all our beneficiaries during the Christmas period.

Self-Sufficiency – Food on the Table: 

Helena, a struggling mother, encountered difficulties in providing food for her family. Thanks to our Seeds of Hope program, they now boast a small vegetable garden, chickens, and a goat, ensuring access to nutritious food. As a result, her son has become calmer and more focused on his education.

Overcome Fears and Blossom:

Assisting children in coping with trauma, overcoming fears, and fostering dreams for the future is our focus. Many children grapple with the fear of war, leaving their homes and cherished belongings behind, creating lasting emotional scars. Our partners share stories of children who have withdrawn, become constantly worried and anxious, and are hesitant to engage with others, encapsulated within their own cocoon of fear. To address this, we’ve developed programs like camps, playgroups, art lessons, and homework support. These initiatives aim to alleviate their fears, encourage them to open up, and inspire them to dream of a brighter future.

Daria’s Story:

Daria, initially withdrawn and scared, experienced a transformation through summer camps and Children’s Hearts workshops. 

She rarely spoke, found it hard to open up, and was hesitant to play with other children. However, when invited to the summer camp, she opened up, started talking, singing, and dancing.

Despite troubles at home, our partners are working tirelessly to provide as much help as possible.


Victoria’s Story – Empowering Through Literacy:  Victoria, once shy about reading, has now become an avid reader, showcasing the real impact of your support. She loves reading stories to younger children, illustrating how investment in education transforms lives.

All these efforts contribute to inspiring stories of hope, proving that with support, all children can dream again. Your continued support fuels our mission to make these dreams a reality.


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