ChildAid has teamed up with Y-Peer Moldova to provide peer to peer education to young people across rural Moldova.

Y-Peer are the largest youth-led networks in Moldova and advance and educate on sexual and reproductive health and rights of adolescents. They aim to promote healthy, violent-free life style through a peer to peer and empower young people to take responsible decisions regarding their life and health.

Peer education helps young people to challenge their knowledge, attitudes and behaviour regarding their life style based on strong and meaningful messages that their peers share. They more effectively influence young people to protect against HIV, STIs, unwanted pregnancies and domestic violence.

The programme is being delivered across children’s centres run by our partner, Ora Moldova.

The project builds up teams of peer educators using social theatre techniques and peer activities to inform andEH Y-peer training encourage. Over 1000 young people are being educated about sex and health and education topics through informative interactive sessions.

We have enhanced this training with the provision of translated material from UK charity Lovewise which looks at the Biblical perspective of relationships between young people.