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Helping families stay strong

When our partner met this family, they said love and understanding were present. The father was working hard to provide, and the mother was working at home to support their 10 children. Food has been a struggle many times, but they were used to it as there are many young children in this family. Our partner helped this family with food a few times.  

However, when they revisited this family, their situation was completely different.  

The mother fell ill with Covid-19 and her weakened post birth immunity could not cope with the disease, and sadly she died. The children and husband had to cope with the new situation. 

The father took days off to support 10 children (seven of which are his, and three are from his wife’s first marriage). But for him there is no difference because he considers each one his own. 

He keeps the house clean and tries to do his best to assist his family. The children are asking for their mother, but thankfully father is incredibly supportive. His older son is a significant help he says.  

Life changed dramatically for this family. 

We allocated a phycologist to help this family, and we are supporting with food, medicines, and hygiene products. 

Unfortunately, there is no water in the house, and this makes things hard for a large family however we are working with our partners to find a way to help. 

Thanks to the kind donations of our supporters, we can help this family and other families that need support during tough times. 

Every donation matters to all of us as they can change a real life in Europe’s poorest countries. 

Thank you for your kind support. 


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