How can SABI work? 

Simply link your giving to your business and set the Small Action that works best for your business model. Some examples are:


Example Small Action

Example,  estimated monthly action

Example Big Impact

Each hour of wellbeing treatment

5p per hour


Physio/hydro/massage session for disabled child

Every room window/wall decorated

3p per window/wall


A month’s household cleaning products

Every hour of wise financial advice

10p per hour of advice


A week of life skills education for 2 young people

Every electrical/plumbing contract

25p per contract


A week of winter warmth in a family house

Of course, Impacts can be structured for your own Transactions.

To operate you can include within your accounts package a deduction which you can transfer to ChildAid at the end of each month, or failing this keep a manual record relative to your level of transactions. This allows for transparency. 

ChildAid will send regular reviews as to what impact your specific involvement is having.