Keeping Hope Alive

When Maria lost her only child, her daughter, she knew that she had to stay strong to take care of her 2 grandchildren. Their father has drinking problems, and he is not involved in children’s lives. 

Her only source of income is her pension ($50/£38) and some family social support following her daughters’ deaths. But raising 2 children on her own can be difficult, just food and cleaning products alone cover 2/3 of her pension.  

Just a few weeks after her mother died her grandmother noticed a strange purple spot in the mouth of her granddaughter. The results of the examination showed that the girl had a benign vascular formation (haemangioma), and after several consultations she had an operation. 

Her grandson has a heart defect. He wants to find work and help his grandmother, but unfortunately people know his condition and will not employ him. It is so sad that people do not give him a chance to work and help his family, but sadly it is very common in small communities.

Through our partner Family Love we supported this family with food packages and cleaning products. 

Now she can buy fruits for her granddaughter to support her growing, a luxury she couldn’t afford before. 

Maria is very grateful for all the kindness she received. Losing a child can be very hard for a parent, but Maria’s priority now is her grandchildren, she prays to God to stay strong for them. 

Thanks to the kind donations of our supporters, we can help families in despair and bring back hope. 

You can support our work in Transnistria by donating to our Family Love appeal. 


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