Over recent years ChildAid has been blessed with over £450,000 of legacy gifts. These gifts from one generation to another have been an essential support in helping our partners to transform the lives of children. To give a hope where no such hope could have been dreamt about.

The love that you so freely offered on earth need not end when you are with the Father.

Our last Will and Testament is a legacy of the acts of love you demonstrated whilst living - to your family, friends and those in the wider family of Christ.

If you die without leaving a Will much time (and money) will be wasted sorting out your affairs.

Some of those who you may want to receive a gift will be forgotten - others who could benefit so much from even a small legacy will continue their life without hope, love or opportunity.

ChildAid has been caring for the lost, the abused and the abandoned in Eastern Europe for over 40 years. It is with continued sadness that we look upon these nations today and see no end to the pain and the hurt.

Please remember ChildAid in your will.

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