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Legacy Giving: Nastya’s Story of Hope

A Legacy of Hope: How One Woman's Gift Will Transform a Family's Life

It’s truly remarkable how the actions of one individual can profoundly impact the lives of others. Often, these individuals may never cross paths, yet they are bound together by the transformative power of love and kindness. 

For one generous supporter, her legacy gift became a beacon of hope for a family in dire need.  Thanks to her generosity, a mother and her children found refuge from the storm of domestic abuse. 

Nastya is 29 years old, she grew up in an orphanage after suffering family abuse as a child. She then lived on the streets. She met someone similar to herself, with whom she had three children. He committed a serious crime and is still serving time in prison. 

She then met another man with whom she has two children. However, he started to drink heavily and became violent towards her and the children. She lived in his home. She has tried to divorce him, but he begged her not to, as under current Ukrainian mobilization law, a man caring for three or more children does not have to go to the frontline in the war against Russia.

But she left the home (in a small village near a city) and is currently living in a stable with her children, the youngest of whom is six months old.  But amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged—a legacy gift from a compassionate supporter.  This selfless act ensured that Nastya and her children would have a roof over their heads, a sanctuary from the chaos that once consumed their lives. 

The gift from this kind supporter will house this family for six to nine months. After that, ChildAid will need to continue paying her rent for another 12-15 months until the baby is old enough for Nastya to find work. 

Nastya’s story is a reminder of the power of legacy giving. It’s like planting a seed in fertile soil; the goodness grows and spreads, touching lives and inspiring others to do the same—to spread kindness and make a difference. It is heartwarming to know that a gift will empower this woman to stay strong for the sake of her children. This gift will never be forgotten. 

If you’re inspired by Nastya’s story and would like to learn more about how you can leave a lasting impact through legacy giving, please follow the link below. 


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