Located some 60km west of the city of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, lies the industrial town of Makariv.   Thanks to two legacy gifts, ChildAid purchased two hectares (equivalent to three football pitches) of open and wooded land. Upon this we will develop a multi-disciplinary care centre, our “Light House Project”, very much along the lines of the Tony Hawks Centre in Moldova. 

The land will also provide space for respite camps where children from the war torn Donbass region might come and stay, play, and have fun, well away from the minefields and daily artillery exchanges.  And, once this pointless conflict ceases, these children and others from across Ukraine will continue be able to come and enjoy the facilities.

The same programme will also be available for children living through the trauma of poverty and neglect, both those already being supported by ChildAid's own partners, and those from other appropriate organisation. 

To help facilitate this, a Baptist church in the heart of Makariv has kindly offered their basement to host our multi-disciplinary care programme with immediate effect, our Little Lighthouse programme, while the new out of town siLighthouse sitete is drawn-up and built.

The intention is that these facilities will be free for children and their parents to attend, where they can receive the care and training needed in order that they might live full lives.