Little by Little

How can we measure the impact of what we say and do? What value is there in giving a child a smile or laughter? How important is it to give even the smallest of helping hands? Jesus said that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains, and so it is with how you are helping our partners provide even the smallest provision of love, care, protection or service. Little by little we are and will make a difference.

Whilst the focus of this autumn’s newsletter is our brand new partner in Ukraine, the Little Lighthouse rehabilitation centre, each of our project partners are combining short and long term programmes with both small and large interventions. They allow nothing to stand in their way to improve the lives of children and families and with their faith nothing is impossible for them – although of course they need help in prayer and gifts to succeed.

Our new range of Christmas Cards and ideas for Alternative Gifts will hopefully be exciting and interesting for you. We are delighted to be able to also help you just a little by little with our packs of cards at the same level as 18 years ago, as well as again offering you discounted stamps for sale.

In order to save on our operational costs and allow more valuable resources to be spent on our partners’ missions, we have moved to smaller offices. If visiting us please call first so that we can direct you to where we now live!

Thank you and do please drop me a line at the address or email above with your thoughts, ideas and prayers for our mission. I truly would love to receive them.


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