Looking to the Future

We join with the nation and much of the world in mourning the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We rejoice that her faith was always the bedrock of her life and her service.

The Queen saw much good in the world, but also much hurt and sadness. As we in the United Kingdom look to a future with a new monarch and a new political landscape, Ukrainians in their homeland and those forced to be refugees in a foreign land, look to having right conquer wrong and their homes and lives being returned to them.

ChildAid’s partners, and those new contacts we are supporting during this humanitarian crisis, are looking to the future as well. Their prayer, all of our prayers, is for the death and destruction to stop so that they can begin the long journey of rebuilding lives and rebuilding communities.

For this autumn newsletter we look at not just what each of our partners have been doing, but also some thoughts and plans for a time ahead.

We are all too aware of today’s pressures and so we are pleased that our Christmas cards are still at their 2003 price. Your messages of love sent at Christmas will be a real blessing, and on that point, we hope to receive plenty of your prayers and messages using our “virtual” bricks for Ukraine.

Bless you and thank you for your continued prayers for peace.


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