The availability of simple mobility equipment such as wheelchairs for the vast majority of Moldovans is virtually non-existent.

Hospitals across eastern Europe are way behind anything that would be deemed acceptable in the West, even 20-30 years ago.

Loading May 2018In partnership with UK charity MAD-Aid who have been able to source a seemingly endless supply of NHS and healthcare “redundant” equipment, a steady stream of equipment has been sent to Moldova.

Well over 200 wheelchairs have been provided. These have gone to the Tony Hawks Centre, the Phoenix Centre and other trustworthy care providers.

The gynaecological unit in Chișinău’s main Mother & Child Hospital had 50 year old beds and furniture. Thanks to our supply of ex-NHS equipment they now have modern beds and quality furniture.

As well as wheelchairs all other types of care and developmental equipment has been provided, such as treatment beds and verticalisers.