Moldova Visit 2023

Moldova Training Visit

Working with our partners for the best of children

Our Director Martin Wilcox visited Moldova very recently.

He attended an excellent workshop organized by ChildAid and Rotary for therapists from Tony Hawks Centre and other centres from across Moldova plus universities. Charlotte Graham (occupational therapist) and Holly Garwell (physiotherapist) were the trainers who travelled from UK to lead the workshop. It was such a wonderful opportunity to be able to have their expertise and commitment to the workshop.


The delegates were engaged and actively participated. They were learning new techniques in posture management and took a great deal away with them. They were introduced to “stickmen” as a way of recording extent of disabilities – a difficult concept but one they quickly embraced.

As one of the therapist who attended the workshop stated:

‘’This course has been a great initiation into a holistic patient approach, including not only the right body symmetry, but also considering the child needs, abilities, and his/her spiritual fulfilment – something that was overlooked before. Therefore, such courses are welcomed at our centre and we wish this will continue for the good of the children in Moldova.’’
Our Director Martin Wilcox with the Principal of Valcinet Highschool , Rotarian Helen Wilcox, Charlotte Graham (occupational therapist) and Holly Garwell (physiotherapist)

While Martin was in Moldova he was able to meet with the British Ambassador and the local Rotarians who hosted the project.  On the last day of his trip he visited Valcinet School

Valcinet School Visit: At Valcinet school we were fortunate to be there on language week and had French English and Russian demonstrations 

Among the equipment we provided for the school were projectors, computers, as well as a complete restocking of the school’s library with new books to replace the 40 year old books. Our next focus will be on
science equipment and a playground.

Esther House:  Children at Esther House interacted with the therapists and performed national dances for them (Photos of Martin and Helenwith children and staff):  These lovely children waited an hour for us to say goodbye and take photos. 

When people come together amazing things happen, your donations and the support from Rotary will be changing the lives of the children in Moldova.


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