Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Largely an agricultural society, employment opportunities are difficult – and any opportunities for those with a disability are even harder.

Moldova is currently at a crossroads as it looks increasingly towards Europe and yet is still heavily reliant on trade with Russia.

Whilst there are small signs of improvement, corruption against the State has had long term repercussions in terms of financial strength and stability of the country. A useful overview of the country can be found on the BBC website.

ChildAid has worked in Moldova since 2000 and currently has four partners:


Family Love

Preventing the abandonment of children due to poverty in Transnistria
Education & Play

After School Centre

Providing a place of learning, fun and childhood for vulnerable children

History of Moldova

A brief and potted history of how Moldova got to where it is today

Health & Sex Education

Providing health and sex education on a peer to peer structure

Hospital and Medical Equipment

Supplying essential equipment to Europe’s poorest nation

The Phoenix Centre

A unique day care and rehabilitation centre in northern Moldova

Tony Hawks Rehabilitation Centre

Improving the life quality of chronically ill children in Moldova

Vulnerable families

Keeping families together in Moldova’s poorest region

Vulnerable families 2

Helping those in even greater need in Moldova’s poorest region


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