Family Love

Christina was hit by a car just a year after her son was born. Her movement has badly impaired as a result of the damage sustained to her spine damage, she also lost her teeth which impaired her speech, and her son was taken from her and sent to an orphanage. In 2013, she gave birth to another boy, Adrian, but she feared he too would be taken from her and so they moved away. Her husband has a job and his employer gave him credit to buy a house – which has no water and an outside toilet.

Fearing that this family was at risk of separation again, Family Love (formerly Help the Children) first arranged for emergency repair to be undertaken and then for Christina to have dental work – this has helped her speak more clearly. Adrian now understands his mum.

Family Love also provides food, medicine and stationery.

Christina has really flourished and has had her self-esteem and confidence restored.  She regularly attends the local church whose members have helped by digging a trench so that water might now be supplied to her home.

This family is now far more secured, but Family Love continue to monitor and help where necessary.

Your support can help Christina and so many more families who need simple but essential support. Donations towards Family Love can be made here