The War in Ukraine One Year On

The war in Ukraine, one year on.

24th February 2023 marked a year since Russia invaded Ukraine. There are no words to describe the suffering of the people, especially young children.

Many lives have been lost and so many people are suffering due to this war. The latest UN estimates indicated that more than 7,000 civilians have been killed in Ukraine in the last year, with 12,000 injured. Starvation, fear, anxiety are just some of the terrible experiences people are suffering.

Children will experience trauma for many years to come. Some of the children we support cannot sleep at night, and they are worried about their parents and family.

Families had to leave their homes and become refugees in other countries, their homes have been destroyed and they have nothing left. Others have experienced loss and desperation.

Our partners have been a beam of hope and light into the lives of children and families.

Our partner Children’s Hearts in Ukraine have held Summer Camps for children. More than 60 children had the chance to play, laugh and for a short while were able to forget about the war.

At the Refugee Camp in Kamianske our partner continues to offer Art Therapy to child refugees.

Food parcels, medications and clothes are being distributed by most of our partners.

The Little Lighthouse is again open and continues to support the community but also children with disabilities with rehabilitation treatments.

How you can help:

You can donate to our appeal for Ukraine 

You can organize a fundraiser for this appeal and raise money to support the victims of this war.

Please follow the link for other ways to help for more ideas on how to support vulnerable children and their families.

Thank you for supporting our appeals and changing the lives of innocent children.