A bundle of Small Impacts


A package of sweets, treats, snacks, socks, tights, pens, pencils, crayons Read more

Pens & Crayons


Pens, pencils and crayons. No child should be without them Read more

Socks or Tights


Can a child ever have enough socks or tights? Read more

Sweets & Treats


Sweets, treats and healthy snacks for well-behaved children Read more

School Kit


All the essentials needed for a school kit, but difficult for families at-risk to provide Read more

Homework Support


Children and young people will receive much needed homework help Read more

Bible Clases


Provide the materials needed for amazing and effective Bible classes Read more

Peer Learning


Allow a young person to attend a peer-to-peer workshop for learning life-skills Read more

Medical & Surgical


Providing emergency medical or surgical treatment Read more

Trauma Care


Deliver trauma care programme for children at-risk from poverty, abuse, conflict Read more

Music therapy


Music therapy making a true difference in the well-being of children living with disabilities Read more

Care for babies


Care for babies in hospital, the baby orphanage or needing support at home Read more

Winter Heat


Winter heat for families to keep their homes warm throughout the bitterly cold months Read more

Winter coat & boots


Winter coat or boots needed for growing bodies and feet Read more



Provide clothing for dignity and warmth Read more

Plasters & Creams


Plasters and cream for those little cuts and grazes Read more

Truth Lessons


Help to teach truth and forgiveness to refugee children Read more

Toys & Games


Give joy to refugee children with games and toys Read more

Hygiene Products


Give a refugee family some personal comfort Read more

School Stationery


Help refugee children with essential school supplies Read more