Personalised E-Cards

Our allow you to send a unique card, donate and add alternative gifts supporting ChildAid and our mission to bring hope and joy into children’s lives. Cards, Gifts, Giving all in one.

You can fully personalise our greetings cards and e-cards, by uploading photos and adding text, then choose the date and time that you want them to be delivered up to a year in advance! 

A huge number of the cards we all buy cannot be recycled due to glitter or foil on the cards so they end up in landfill. All ChildAid cards whether from our main store or through this, our personalised printed cards are made in the UK using FSC certified materials and are fully recyclable – we use no glitter or harmful products. But, you may also help the environment even more by sending e-cards.

We have a range of personalised cards and e-cards to suit all occasions such as Christmas cards, birthday cards, valentines cards, wedding cards and photo cards. 

Cards can be printed and delivered by – they will even send you confirmation emails as each card gets sent out.

E-cards can be forwarded to you to send to your friends and family or you can use the system to send on your behalf. 

There is a minimum of £1 charitable donation which can be shown on the card to let the recipient know or not.

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Choose one of the personalised charity Christmas card designs and upload your logo and/or team
signatures to have them printed in full colour, or send as a 3D E-card!

  • Charity Christmas cards with your business name or logo printed inside or out
  • Printed QR code for your audio or video message
  • Team Signatures upload – at no extra cost
  • Front Cover Logo or inside Logo upload options – at no extra cost
  • Editable message, inside or front cover options – at no extra cost
  • Charity logo inside card front cover

For Ecards:

  • You can send the card yourself or the system can send to a maximum of 200 email address
  • Cost just £6 plus a donation (to add a video/audio message there is £3 charge)

For printed cards:

  • Envelopes provided
  • Gloss or matte finish options
  • Card size options
  • Available in packs of 25 to 250
  • Cost from £2.99 plus a donation (to add a video/audio message there is £3 charge)

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