Families in needChildren come to the House of Light in Kamianske to escape the oppression of their squalid living conditions. They receive good food, a shower, de-lousing and the chance to play like other children and build friendships. And the good news of salvation through Christ is also taught.

Emergency aid, clothing and foodstuffs are distributed to 100s of families – most of whom are referred to our partners by the local authorities.

Children's Hearts are also actively involved in going into the community and working with families to give them the greatest possible opportunity of being helped out of their vulnerable state - be it through emergency care, help with applying for entitled benefits or whatever may be needed.

Konstantin’s family is very poor. Living in a house 40 square meters in size are mum, dad, 10 children and a child of Konstantin’s eldest sister. The youngest family member is 8 months old.

There are beds everywhere but there is nothing that you would call a kitchen or a bathroom. The heating hardly works at all and certainly does not reach the room where the children sleep – its constantly cold.

Animals are kept for food, although not during the winter as there is no shed for them to stay in.

Konstantin chops wood and loads the stove as well as taking care of the animals. He is a quiet and calm boy and finds studying at school hard as he has a small vocabulary.

Whilst at our summer camp he began to communicate and play more – it is where he can rest and be a child. The family need help with food, clothing, footwear as well as help for the mum about personal and sexual health. She is always being told that Christ loves her.