Power of Prayer

ChildAid exists first and foremost to support vulnerable, orphaned and disabled children regardless of their background, beliefs, or in many cases lack of faith.   We are however a Christian Charity and as such believe in the power of prayer, the love of God, and his presence with us today.   We would be delighted to have you pray for us, our work, our partners work, and for the children we support.

Do please pray for each country, their Governments, and the staff at each centre.  Ukraine specifically needs our prayers as the separatists war in the Donbass region continues. Moldova and Belarus both suffer financially, and all three carry painful and divisional legacies from their former Soviet Union days.  We mustn’t forget either our partners in Chita, Siberia – our real hope is that the work of ChildAid can continue in Russia, where many children and families could be blessed and encouraged if we could continue: however the Russian authorities are proving suspicious of international charities such as ours, your prayers would be most welcome.

Do please continue to pray for our finances, our governance, and for wisdom as we work along with our trustees to support our friends and partners, and of course for the children and families they care for.   

Please also pray for the team in Bromley, for Martin as he carries much of the work load and vision for the charity; for Yuriy and his young family as he balances the needs of his career, and his role as projects manager at ChildAid.  For the office team and the trustees that we may all have the strength, health and gifts to provide ChildAid with the momentum needed to ensure we continue to bring opportunity into the lives of children who might otherwise live lives of containment and pain.

Do please read through our work, allowing God time to lead you as to how to you might pray for us.

God bless, and thank you.


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