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Playing the Moldovans at Tennis DVD


Playing the Moldovans at Tennis DVD


First it was a bet, then an internationally best-selling book and now Tony Hawks’ eccentric, hilarious Playing The Moldovans at Tennis, is a feature film.

Tony attempts to win a silly bet in order to gather material for a lighthearted new book, but soon becomes embroiled in an uplifting and life changing adventure in a little known country on the eastern fringes of Europe. The eccentric wager was made in a London pub during a televised World Cup qualifying match between England v Moldova and resulted in Tony trying to track down the entire Moldovan football team, challenge them individually to a game of tennis, and beat them all! Along the way Tony discovers that he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

In Europe’s poorest country, that endures daily power shortages, bullying gangsters, and even an illegal and lawless breakaway republic, he finds that it’s not that easy to coax footballers onto a tennis court. Playing the Moldovans at Tennis is a life affirming, warm and moving film that shows us that, in love stories you don’t always fall in love with another person – sometimes, it’s a country.

But, more than that. With the royalties from the best selling book Tony funded the set up of the Hippocrates Children’s Centre, now called the Tony Hawks Centre in Chisinau, Moldova. And all of your purchase for this DVD will go to help run the brand new centre.

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