Our financial year runs from 1st April and you can access our latest 2018/2019 Report & Accounts here >>.

Our Report and Accounts outline the transformative work of each of our partner projects in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine and illustrates by way of a recent case study.  As well as the direct beneficiaries, ChildAid’s partners  influence and support a large number of indirect beneficiaries and these grow in number month on month as our ministry expands in action and reputation

Our mission and ministry to serve God’s people in Eastern Europe seems as urgent now as it did when the charity started over 40 years ago. The extent of hardship and vulnerability appears deeper and it is through the light that we can shine we believe we can and will make a difference in rebuilding lives and communities.

Areas where we are seeking to develop our mission include: 

  - commencing the construction of the community/children’s centre in Makariv 

  - commencing the occupational therapy programme in Moldova

  - always being alert to being able to assist our existing partners (and potential new partners) to new areas of mission and ministry2018_2019_R__A.pdf

ChildAid does not - and does not intend to - maintain long-term investments to generate funds for future work. Funds are held for short- and medium-term spending only. For that reason, such funds are held by mainstream British financial institutions allowing reasonable access to meet short- and medium-term aid commitments consonant with maximising interest.

If you would like copies of past year's R&A then do please contact the office.