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Renovating a Neonatal Care Unit in Moldova

In the heart of Chisinau, Moldova, lies the Neonatal Surgery Ward at the Mother & Child hospital. For babies born with birth defects and congenital problems, this unit is their lifeline for surgical procedures and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the conditions in the ward had become deplorable, with no refurbishment since 1986. Tiles were falling off the walls, and sockets emitted smoke, posing serious risks.

In 2022, the ward faced a surge in surgical procedures, primarily due to Ukrainian mothers seeking refuge. Their challenging journeys and heightened stress during pregnancy led to increased demand for medical care.

The neonatal unit at the Mother and Child Institute is not merely a medical facility; it plays a vital role in providing early intervention for a variety of health conditions. Over 25,000 babies with birth defects or congenital problems from across Moldova have received treatment there in the past 35 years.

Ward surgeon Dr. Aliona Pisarenco stresses the importance of early intervention and proper rehabilitation in ensuring that children born with birth defects can lead as normal a life as possible. The dedicated neonatal team, described as ‘angels’ by grateful mothers, works tirelessly to provide care and support.

Babies' clothes were hung out to dry on the roof - because there were no tumble-dryers.

ChildAid, in collaboration with MAD-Aid, is committed to transforming the neonatal ward. The goal is to refurbish the unit, addressing the critical needs of newborns and ensuring they receive the care they deserve. Safety is paramount, and efforts are underway to provide the best possible care for mothers and babies.

Recently, ChildAid’s director, Martin Wilcox, visited the Mother & Child hospital to witness the impact of the refurbishment. While the ward now boasts a lovely new environment, there is a pressing need for effective medical equipment. In a fortuitous turn of events, a recent donation from Seaforde Church in Northern Ireland covered the cost of a crucial incubator and two “resuscitaires” for clinical emergencies. These tools will make the difference between life and death for newborns in need.

ChildAid remains dedicated to making a lasting impact on Moldova’s neonatal care. The ongoing efforts to enhance infrastructure and provide essential medical equipment are a testament to our commitment to transforming lives and ensuring a brighter future for the most vulnerable among us.

Your unwavering commitment ensures that babies in the ward have the best possible start in life. Thank you for making a lasting impact on their journey.


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