Rich by heart

Sometimes life can bring tragedy and pain.   

When their only child, their son died in a car accident they decided to turn the pain into something positive, they decided to give back to the orphans who never had a real family, so they adopted 7 children.

A big heart is a blessing and Marina and Peter are blessed to have a loving family.

When our partner Love Without Borders, Ukraine first met this family the first thing they felt was love. Love between the children and their parents and a positive attitude towards life, even in an empty house. 

When the war broke out and the village was under heavy fire, and bullets regularly hit their home. The children were terrified and so the parents gathered the children, left the house and went to seek shelter somewhere else. 

For 2 years they were travelling, but when they heard that things in their village had calmed down they decided to return. They returned to the empty house (looters had taken almost everything). That was when our partner met this family.

“We came to an almost empty house, without furniture or appliances. One of the windows had a “hole” from a bullet. In one of the rooms, the ceiling is completely damp. But the family was happy to be home again.” One of the children has frequent nightmares about the war and wakes up at night screaming but the mother and the father are always there to support her.  A positive attitude imprinted deep in the souls of all the family members.

We helped this family start over by providing the basics like tables and chairs, beds, dishes, wood and many things needed for everyday life

The father built a Greenhouse and now they work on their land together. They are caring, supportive, and they are one united family.

Thanks to your kind support we were able to help this family survive during difficult times.

The children and their parents will be forever grateful for this.

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