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School essentials and family support

School Essentials and Family Support

At times, families need a bit of help to stay together. Poverty can lead to child abandonment, and we encounter many cases of parents in despair. 

By working closely with our partners, we are making sure children have the basics to have as normal a life as their circumstances permit. Like food and school supplies.

School supplies for children


Our partner Family Love, Transnistria, recently distributed food and school supplies to vulnerable families. When the children received their backpacks and stationery, they were beaming with joy. 

It’s crucial for children to have school supplies not only for their learning but also for their overall well-being. 

These essentials not only support their education but also instill a sense of dignity and belonging, empowering them to thrive despite the challenges they face

Empower a child with school essentials for a brighter future. Your support makes a lasting impact in their journey


Seeds Of Hope Prog

Back in April we provided seeds and seedlings for families in need, even one bag of seeds for a poor family is quite expensive. 

As the proverb says: “What you sow, you will reap.” Seeds purchased and planted in the spring began to provide a harvest 

Some families managed to preserve many berries, fruits, vegetables – compotes, jam, pickles. After all, how nice it is to open a jar of compote for lunch, as well as pickles to garnish. 

Especially if it happens in winter, when everyone starts to miss the warmth, the sun, the aroma of fruits, berries and vegetables. 

Lyudmila was very happy to show us the entire range of her harvest:   

"All my four grandchildren have a wonderful appetite. One 3 litre jar of salted tomatoes disappears in one meal, so this year I preserved a lot of things. And this should be enough for us until the next season of fresh vegetables. Thank you very much to ChildAid for being able to help us."

Children’s Hearts, Ukraine

Children were worried about starting a new school year in the shadow of war, as were parents, with many struggling with the basics. Our partner was there to support vulnerable families with food and school supplies.

Parents were grateful for the kindness they received, and children’s anxiety was alleviated

Thank you for making a difference into the lives of the less fortunate. Children are the future and need hope and a sense of normality in their lives. 

With your support, we are bringing hope and kindness into their lives even under the difficult circumstances of war.


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