The war in Ukraine has meant that we have, hopefully temporarily, had to halt our support in Siberia.

Modern day Russia is facing many challenges: low levels of competitiveness, underinvestment, low production capacity, dependence on raw materials, poor business climate, lack of structural reform and an ageing population. Complicated by corruption and nepotism which has effectively drained the socio-economic fabric of the country.

The unemployment rate, which rose as an effect of the 2008 financial crisis, has decreased, but real wages have fallen. Social inequalities remain strong, particularly between big cities and rural areas with just 1% of the population owning 71% of private assets. And, despite the appearance of an urban middle class, the poverty rate remains at 14%.  This is made obvious in a city such as Chita where our partners are based, loss of military bases and a decline in employment on the Trans-Siberian railway has brought much hardship

Political pressures from Moscow means that internationally supported charity projects across Russia are finding it progressively more difficult to operate.

For a profile of the country we suggest the BBC website on Russia.


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