Poverty Alleviation

Debt is a major issue for many people in Chita where costs are rising while wage levels fail to keep pace or, in some cases, may even be falling. Most of the families that our partner, Helping Hands, deal with are not reckless in their expenditure but because of their poverty often literally face a choice; pay the bills or feed the children.

One of the highest costs they face is utility charges. They may be entitled to subsidy but only if they can prove that they are entirely debt free. Our partner is active in helping families restructure their debts or, in very extreme cases where homelessness might follow, helping them pay off the debts altogether.  It is important, of course, to ensure that these families do not fall back into debt and so  active steps are taken to teach them how to manage a meagre income. 

Yulia is a single mother. In order to supplement her meagre income she had to secure a second job but she needed an extensive medical check-up which is particularly expensive. Knowing that this lady and her children would be in a far better position if the second job was secured, Helping Hands helped to meet these costs.  Yulia is now much more self-sufficient through support that people like you give and is working hard to lead a fully independent life.