Today’s limitation and circumstances for vulnerable, abandoned and disabled children in Eastern Europe can be transformed to one of opportunities and hope

The SABI concept is simple – to help you embed social responsibility into the core of what you do.

Just by doing your normal business activity you can make huge impacts in children’s lives and improve your corporate profile with customers and suppliers. All for a nominal cost.

By putting aside a very small amount for every transaction you have within your business, this will build up to make a big impact.

By informing clients and potential clients that by doing business with you THEY are directly benefitting those less fortunate than themselves, you get great PR and gain a marketing advantage.

How can it work? 


Example Small Action

Example,  estimated monthly action

Example Big Impact

Each hour of wellbeing treatment

5p per hour


Physio/hydro/massage session for disabled child

Every room window/wall decorated

3p per window/wall


A month’s household cleaning products

Every hour of wise financial advice

10p per hour of advice


A week of life skills education for 2 young people

Every electrical/plumbing contract

25p per contract


A week of winter warmth in a family house

Of course, Impacts can be structured for your own Transactions.

To operate, you can either keep a manual record relative to your transaction or include within your accounts package a deduction which you can transfer to ChildAid at the end of each month. This allows for transparency. Or, simply estimate a monthly average and donate that each month.

Also, should you pay business income tax then your accountant can also make this tax deductible for you (meaning the donation will be actually 19% less).

We provide you with a supply of Certificates of Achievement which you hand to your clients and prospective clients, an example is shown here:

Osteo Wellbeing and ChildAid

 Osteo Wellbeing is a clinic in West Wickham with fully qualified osteopaths treating all forms of back, neck and joint pains; headaches; sport injuries; postural imbalances; and many other injuries

They are the first business to have started this scheme.

As Suheyla  from Osteo Wellbeing says: “I’m so happy to work with ChildAid. This program is simple and it is helping me and my business create more impact in the world. My patients love it also”. Thank you Osteo Wellbeing for supporting vulnerable children and families.

Speira Jewellery and ChildAid

Speira Jewellery is a business that sells heritage style jewellery online.

Inspired by ChildAid’s work Speira Jewellery donates a small amount from their sales to help children and families in crisis. So every time someone shops at , Speira Jewellery will kindly donate £1 to ChildAid.

Thank you for supporting vulnerable children and families.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot. 

Obviously, if any client/customer wants to know more it’s a perfect way to introduce ChildAid, but this is not a big “sell” for the charity. It’s about helping you to develop your business through sound and transparent social responsibility.

Contact:            Martin Wilcox,Director

Telephone:       020 8460 6046

Address:           ChildAid, 5 Walters Yard, Bromley, BR1 1QA

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