Sowing Seeds of Hope

The parable of the sower is well known, that just as a planted seed starts to grow so the word of God starts to deepen and grow within a person. As ChildAid and our partners plant seeds of hope and opportunity into the lives of children and families, so we will nourish them with food, with love and with the word of God.

On a recent call with the British Ambassador in Moldova and other UK charities working tirelessly in all areas across that country, I was heartened to hear that the vaccination programme is beginning to gain traction and that the infection rate in Moldova is slowing. Much is still to be done as there continues to be great mistrust and suspicion by large swathes of the population, and this is heightened by the ongoing political flux and uncertainty that continues to impact on the effectiveness of the government.

Working in rural areas in the disputed territory of Transnistria, on the eastern edges of Moldova, the pressure on our partner, Family Love, has intensified as more families fall even deeper into poverty. This threatens the stability of the family home, endangering children to the darkness of orphanage existence. Family life can and is being sustained, helped and developed thanks to the work of Family Love and your generous support.

Two simple and free ways of helping are included in this newsletter – through our on-line shopping, and through our recycling programme using the enclosed free-to-use envelope for sending unwanted jewellery and currency.

For those very early birds, our past year’s stock of Christmas cards can be found on our website with our new designs coming in August.

As you enjoy the summer, continue to stay safe and pray for the vulnerable children across Eastern Europe.


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