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Summer Activities – Worry free moments for vulnerable children

Summer is here, the schools are closed, and the children are looking forward to fun and carefree moments. Summer is the best period to create wonderful memories however for some children the situation is completely different. 

For families that struggle to bring food to the table or working 2 or more jobs to make ends meet, summer means children staying at home long hours, not having the opportunity to go on holidays or enjoy fun times out with the family. 

Our partners know this very well, so to bring a sparkle of childhood they have created programmes for children and teenagers of different age and needs and created programmes that bring joy and hope to the hearts of the young children. 

Summer Camps 

Our partner Children’s Hearts, Ukraine is organising Summer Camps at the centre and beyond. 

As well as children from extremely poor families, vulnerable children who continue to be refugees from the ongoing conflict in Donbass region will, as in the past, be invited to take part. They really enjoy the activities and we have seen how some of the children have been helped to open up and express themselves. (Elena’s story) 

For the teenagers , Children’s Hearts is organising outdoor camps and activities. 

Days Out 

When children have something to look forward to they become more optimistic and positive about the future. Our Days Out are what the children need to feel better. 

Our partner Family Love, Transnistria is organising family days out in an amusement park with food and lots of fun. The families are always looking forward to this special day and for some it’s the only chance for them to experience a fun day out. 

Esther House, Moldova is always open during the summer months to make sure children have a fun and safe place to go.

They are organising small plays, dancing, crafts and so many wonderful activities that bring so much joy to the children. 

Summer means fun and carefree time for many of us let alone children.

Together with your help we are making sure that all these vulnerable children we assist have a chance to have happy childhood memories and all the support they need. 


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