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Summer Camp during the War

A child will always be a child, whatever the circumstances. They need love, care, access to food and clean water and play.  

Play is especially important for a child’s development, as amongst many benefits it is a way for children to express themselves and adapt into new circumstances.  

Children play in the shadow of war, they need a sense of normality as it is crucial for their psychology. 

When our partner sent us these photos, we were so happy children were able to be offered some carefree moments. 

It is an oxymoron to watch the children leave the shelter to go to Summer Camp, but they need some sense of normality in their life. 

It is hard to keep the faith under these circumstances, war, uncertainty, fear and so many feeling erupt. However, small things do matter, a toy, help with food, art therapy and now Summer Camps. 

The children and parents were thankful for this opportunity. 

For many children, the mood and psychology on the first day of camping compared to the last day was completely different. 

Around 60 children will have the chance to play, laugh and for a short while be able to forget about the war…at least until the sirens sound, and they must seek refuge in the make-piece shelter made in the basement of our centre.  

It is amazing how simple things can change one’s feelings. Children left camp with a positive feeling of hope. Hope that the war will end soon, hope that God will keep them safe. 

Thank you for making this possible.


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