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Supporters Corner: Why we support ChildAid

Supporter spotlight: Make Me Local

Since ChildAid started back in 1973, with a focus on charitable Christian initiatives, we have adapted and developed both our mission and relationships with our partners in order to help disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe. We can only continue our important mission thanks to the generous donations from our supporters, who make all our work possible. It is thanks to these donations that the charity has become what it is today, and we are able to expand our work with vulnerable children, orphans and children living with disabilities, to improve their lives and give them hope for the future.

One of our generous local supporters is Bromley-based web design company Make Me Local, who sponsor two of the children we help in Eastern Europe. Here, we talk to the agency’s Managing Director, Nathan Kelsey, about his time supporting ChildAid and what it is that he loves about our charity.

Meet Make Me Local, long-standing supporters of ChildAid

As a charity, it’s so important for us to talk to our loyal supporters so we can understand them better. We also hope this information will help you to understand what it means to support ChildAid, and what you too can get out of sponsoring a child in Eastern Europe.

 Here is some of what Nathan had to tell us:

 It’s reassuring working with a small, local charity

Supporters can get a very clear idea of where their money is going; it doesn’t simply disappear into an abyss. We only work with selected local Christian projects in Eastern Europe, supporting children with abandonment, education and play, healthcare and vulnerability, and there is plenty of information available about how we do this.

  • You sponsor a real person

You will know the name of the child you sponsor, and you will be updated on their progress. Nathan told us he particularly liked this element of what we do, as its very relatable and gives him a real sense of how his money is helping.

  • Your money doesn’t go into generalised “programmes”

We’re very careful about the projects that we work with, ensuring they directly benefit children. You can be assured that your money is directly helping children and making a definite impact on their lives. Your updates will help you to understand exactly how it is being used.

  • It’s a very reasonable price

It only costs £16 a month to sponsor a child. Nathan feels like this really isn’t a lot to pay for money that makes such a big difference in a child’s life. A little really does go a long way.

Managing Director Nathan Kelsey on his work with ChildAid

“After hearing about the work ChildAid do, I just had to help in whatever small way I could.

“We’re so lucky in the UK to have infrastructure and welfare systems in place to support those in need. The kids that ChildAid support wouldn’t have any of that if it weren’t for the brilliant fundraising efforts of the charity and then how those funds are used.”

Child sponsorship

You could be a business like Make Me Local, helping to support children in Eastern Europe and ensuring they have a bright future to look forward to.

Find out more about child sponsorship with ChildAid and how you can get started. It costs just £16 a month, the equivalent of 52p a day.

Thank you to all our loyal supporters

We are very privileged to have a number of highly committed local charity supporters, who make regular donations and ensure our charity can keep doing valuable work. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters for their generous donations – you are doing something so important with your money, so thank you from everyone at ChildAid.


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