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Supporting Conflict Victims Update

As the Russian invasion in Ukraine continues, over 10 million people have been forced to run for their lives, leaving their homes and belongings. Over 6.5 million are displaced inside Ukraine and 3.7 million people have been forced to flee the country. These numbers are rising daily. (source: UNHCR). This number is predicted to increase to potentially 5 million total leaving Ukraine. 

Through our partners, we are working hard to support refugees and people remaining in Ukraine. 

Ukrainian Refugee Support 

Moldova is one of the first countries in the refugee pathway with thousands of children and women, elderly people with poor health seeking shelter and accommodation, care and food.  

Tony Hawks Centre 

Our partner Tony Hawks Centre, Moldova has been providing mothers with their children with essential items such as diapers, slippers, warm clothing, clean underwear, personal hygiene, and hygiene products. They also guide mums who need paediatricians for their children, providing information and helping them with appointments. 

Ora, Moldova 

Ora  temporarily suspended their work at the Children’s Day Centre’s to provide accommodation and support to the refugees arriving in the country. Whilst Esther House is back operating, Ora, Moldova is still providing accommodation and food, hygiene products, medical and psychological help, books, school supplies and toys for the children. They will also provide transportation for the refugees and work with Elderly Houses to support elderly refugees. 


The Little Lighthouse 

At the moment the Centre does not operate, but they are providing accommodation for people who do not have a shelter. 

Escaping war is not an easy option for many disabled children and their families, Makariv. It is one of the epicentres of heavy fighting, lots of ruins everywhere, the town is constantly under shelling and is completely destroyed, houses of the families with disabled children who we support have been totally destroyed. Through volunteers, our partner is helping families move to a safer place. 

We continue evacuation of the families we support as food supply is getting very low, and with no phone connections we are constantly looking for people and trying to get them out. Our partner needs to find them a suitable place to live according to their children’s needs. If the child is in a wheelchair, that place needs to be where they can use their wheelchairs. If it is an autistic child, they need to be relocated somewhere where they can feel calmer and not be stressed by lots of people or bright light. 

Most people in Ukraine simply do not have the resources to make any significant food supplies, with at least 60% of the population living in poverty. Long lines at supermarkets and pharmacies occur daily during the lulls in air raid sirens. London Politica, Report for ChildAid

Our partner Children’s Hearts Ukraine is supporting families with food supplies, medications, and hygiene products. So many people have lost their homes and live in shelters. Alyona is there for the families and the children. The children who need comfort and lots of love and reassurance that the future will be brighter, and the war will end. She provides art sessions to help children cope with their emotions and something to remind them they are still children like a cuddly toy, crayons to draw and sweets. 

We have helped people with transportation and food in other parts of Ukraine through our partners and through Rotary in Moldova. 

Thanks to the love and kindness of our supporters, we can help people escape or survive the war and ease children’s pain.  We pray for this war to end, but we know our path is long, as there is much more to be done. 


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