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This Giving Tuesday support families in crisis

The biggest fundraising event is fast approaching, and we are partnering with Global Giving to raise funds for vulnerable families. 

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving that takes place 30 November 2021 this year.  

All funds raised during Giving Tuesday (30.11.21) will help families survive the hash winter. Heating, warm clothes, food and medicines will be given along with anything that will help the families during the Christmas period and beyond.  

There are so many families in Eastern Europe struggling with the basics, often parents are forced to abandon their children due to poverty. We want to keep families together and support them during difficult times. 

Our fundraising goal is £7,500  

Global Giving will be offering proportional matched funding (based on the total donations raised through the whole site on that day) for each donation up to £1,900.

Each donation made during the 24 hours commencing 5.00am on 30th November to the link below will be eligible: 

Please do not donate earlier as funds will not be matched. 

Save the date and add a reminder on GoogleOutlook, Office365 calendar

Thank you for changing real lives and spreading hope to children and families in need.


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