Ukraine is Europe’s second largest country, and is a land of wide, fertile agricultural plains, with large pockets of heavy industry in the east.

While Ukraine and Russia share common historical origins, the west of the country has close ties with its European neighbours.

Ravaged by war and occupation, Ukraine has taken time to recover since its days of Soviet rule – poverty, alcohol addiction and one of the highest European increase rate of HIV+ infections leaves deep scars. Green shoots of progress are visible.

For a profile on the country we suggest the BBC website on Ukraine.

Our work in Ukraine is in Mukacheve in the West, Kamianske in the East, Makariv (close to Kyiv) and war affected families in eastern Ukraine

Working primarily with orphans our partners are New Beginning in Mukacheve whilst Children’s Heart work with a wide range of beneficiaries in Kamianske, and Love Without Borders is rebuilding and communities in the east. Our newest project is in Makariv where we have a small rehabilitation centre for children living with disabilities plus a long-term development of a new respite and rehabilitation centre on land purchased on the outskirts of the town.

We also have a vital role in caring for, and preventing Abandoned Babies.


Abandoned babies

Spiritual, emotional and physical care of abandoned and disadvantaged babies

Family Homes for Orphans

Giving hope to young orphans

Refugee Support

Emotional, spiritual and development support to internally displaced refugees

Caring for orphans

Creating firm foundations for orphans
Education & Play

Lighthouse Care Centre

An exciting major new project which will help 1,000s of young lives over many years

Summer camps Ukraine

Bringing respite, relief and childhood back

Trafficking prevention

Education children on the reality of human trafficking today in Eastern Europe

Disability Care

Reaching out to those in need

Little Lighthouse

Our new Centre offering rehabilitation therapies to children living with disabilities

Medical equipment Ukraine

Bringing simple relief to those in need

Community reconciliation

Working with families in the Donbass affected by ongoing conflict in the region.

Poverty alleviation Ukraine

Keeping families together in Ukraine

Roma children

Hope and Faith for Roma children