Disability Care

There is little, if any, service provision in the city of Kamianske for children (and their families) living with severe disabilities. Twice a week Children’s Hearts brings a small number of children each day living with chronic disabilities to our centre, the House of Light.

Here they and importantly their mothers/fathers/carers are given fellowship and open friendship. In addition they have basic life skills lessons, simple massage, some healthy food and a chance to share problems and receive advice

The confidence of these young people grows every day:

Sasha was pushed away and ignored by other children due to his disabilities. Saddened at not being able to play he and his mother became more distraught. Since coming to the House of Light he is able to play with children, including able-bodied children who come at the same time. He excitedly waits for our partners to pick him up each week.

Vanya was born with a bilateral congenital clubfoot with his left foot almost 90° twisted. His father abandoned the family immediately. His mother’s sister excluded her from the family house so she had no home or income.

Social services suggested they contact Children’s Hearts. They were able to ensure that necessary paperwork was obtained enabling her to obtain some benefit to supplement the meagre income she could earn whilst caring for little Vanya.

With Children’s Hearts support she is now far more confident of her future, is supplied with nappies and food for Vanya and all this has lead to her to start reading the Bible and thanking the Lord for the gifts He has provided. Even the father has reappeared.